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NsH App~ by Shimichanga NsH App~ by Shimichanga
:iconnagasaki-high::iconnagasaki-high::iconnagasaki-high: Joining with Kuuru-kun :iconlaughingwithsaladplz:

Name: Yoshie(Beautiful River), Rin (Dignified) 佳江, 凛

Age: 16

Gender: Female 
Grade: 10th || Second year

Birthday: December 8th || 12/8

Sexuality: Bisexual

Club: Light Music

|| Chocolate ||
|| Warm drinks ||
|| Honey ||
|| Folk / Acoustic music || 
|| Small household pets, though specifically guinea pigs

|| Anything that's remotely related to the "Horror" genre ||
|| The color brown ||
|| Apples ||
|| Candy / sweet treats ||
|| Hot weather ||

|| Sarcastic || - Rin tends to make sarcastic comments about anything, and especially when it has to do with someone or a failure they had done.

|| Easily Agitated / Annoyed || - She's not very good at controlling any angry or irritated feelings that may happen inside of her, and along with that she gets irritated sometimes too easily, because she has a large list of things she doesn't like people doing. Though for the most part she'll try hardest to keep her mouth shut, it'll still be quite easy to notice when she's annoyed with someone or something.

|| Arrogant || - Rin's probably a little too aware of herself, and has a great amount of self-worth and importance, and she's very aware of what she's good at, so will most likely boast about it if it comes up in conversation. She's very proud and confident in herself and her abilities and achievements. 

|| Adventurous || - Quite open-minded and willing, she'll often try new things that she's never done before with her head held high. She loves trying new things, and it easily excites her. She's very open to doing anything that sounds remotely good or fun, yet knows to stop if it will be stupid or harmful towards her or others.

|| Frank / Blunt || - She's very opinionated and with those opinions, she's very forthright and frank with them. She's a very honest person towards others and herself, and doesn't like being sheltered - or when other people are being sheltered - from the truth. She's quite down-to-Earth, and doesn't have the power of sugarcoating things. With her honesty, she can sometimes be quite rude or harsh towards others while doing that, but most of the time it's unknown to her that it may be hurtful. Though, she has a pretty good mouth on her and will stop if she thinks the comment is too mean.

|| Caring (on the Inside) || - Rin is very caring and compassionate, but at times is a little embarrassed to have those feelings towards others so will hide them deep inside herself. It takes a while to get to that side and have her being more nice and vulnerable towards another person. Little things can show in regular conversations, such as she may compliment someone or something like protect them from something, or anything like that - and it means she may care about a person. 

|| Mischievous || - She loves making playful trouble, but in ways that will barely be recognized by others - because she's a little too afraid of getting in trouble. She may occasionally pull people along with her on her endeavors, and if she knows something will annoy a person or she knows something they don't like, she'll probably end up doing it in some way, then laugh it off. 

|| Outgoing || - Rin is very socially confident and loves conversing with others, as long as it's interesting to her. She can be quite friendly and open and extroverted for the most part, though it may be contradicted by other parts of her personality.

|| Protective || - When it comes to the people she's fond of, she has a tendency to get too attached to them and protective. It's mostly because she doesn't like seeing a person hurt or sad because she doesn't know how to deal with it. She's also quite jealous.

|| Optimistic || - She always tries to live with the "tomorrow'll be better" kind of thoughts, even if she doesn't have a terribly bad day. Though, it's in the more odd way as she thinks mostly like "well, it could be worse." or "at least you're not starving and homeless" and things like that.

  • Childhood 
Rin grew up as an only child, born into a family that was quite well off - money wise - so she had a tendency to get whatever she asked for, which ended in her being quite spoiled by her parents. And she also gained an attitude that if she didn't get something, she'd throw a fit for it until she got it, though this quickly stopped as she came to realize it only got her in trouble. She was a little bit of a loner during the days she'd spent at kindergarten, yet was quite open to whatever other kids that approached her. Though she was quite interested in one kid, Naomi, who kept coming up to her and trying to be friends. While she was a bit wary of her at first, she'd soon opened up to the idea of them being friends since their parents happened to had been friends through out their teenage years, but all got separated during college. She got closer with Naomi as the two families had started spending more and more time with each other.
  • Elementary school
During her start of Elementary school, her mother believed it'd be a good time to start getting her into little activities that could pass the time for her, instead of having her just sitting around the house all day and ignoring any or all social situations - minus those with Naomi, who was pretty much her closest friend by that time, even through the few fallouts they'd gone through with each other, Naomi stuck by Rin's side - so she decided to do the same for her. She got quite into mostly different sports at the time, which caused a somewhat hatred for them all. She dropped each and every one after a while, until her mother stuck her in a class to learn the piano / keyboard, which she found some joy in. Though her mother wanted her to stick with one physical activity, she went into swimming classes, and stuck with that at well. One day, she was pretty bummed out to hear that Naomi and her family were moving because she'd gotten pretty bad grades for a while. She thought it was stupid, since she as well wasn't getting the best of grades.
  • Middle school
During middle school, Rin took on quite an unsocial and somewhat jerk-ish attitude when it came to school, and had no real interest in making any friends at the time. Rin kept up both piano lessons and swimming, since she felt it was the only thing that kept her busy during the day, and she often went about her day quite quietly, mostly looking forward to getting home so she could waste time there. She'd become a bit too scared to still keep in contact with Naomi after a few months, yet looked forward happily to whenever Naomi did actually end up calling her. She was quite thrilled to learn that her best friend was moving back when she entered into high school, and couldn't wait to spend more time with Naomi, and to enter that same high school when she was old enough to do so.

"Wow. :iconsryyea:"

|| Fujioka, Naomi "Naomi-chan/senpai/kun/dono/sensei/san" Childhood Friend || - Rin is quite close with Naomi and considers her to be her best friend. They've been together through a lot of stuff, and Rin's very loving and protective over her.

RP Methods: || Chat / Notes / Comments || || Lit / Script / Lit/Script fusion || 

|| Rin hates playing any kind of sport, but she's relatively good at most of them. ||
|| She still sleeps with a stuffed-animal || 
|| Has a pet cat named Kimi 
(君) who is like her bro. ||
|| Doesn't really know how to take compliments, and gets really embarrassed or aggressive when given one. ||
|| She wants to move abroad one day. ||
|| She's 5" / 152.4 cms ||
|| She loves rocking out to music and always has her MP3 Player on her. ||

Rin ~ :iconshimmyshom: 
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