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KHE App~ by Shimichanga KHE App~ by Shimichanga
Updated: 6/8/14 Technically ALL new info +pics <3 I like her a little better now :icongroomplz:

Name: Sasami, Tomoyo

Age: 17

Gender: Female 

Height: 5'1

Weight: 100 lbs

Club: Music

D.O.B. : January 17th

|| Rainy, Cloudy, Stormy days ||
|| Calm people who mind their own business ||
|| Long hair ||
|| Chicks and ducklings <3 ||
|| The movie Lilo and Stitch, mostly because of the music. ||
|| Quirky Korean dramas || 
|| The Goo Goo Dolls, Ingrid Michaelson, and Sara Bareilles || 
|| Pottery making ||
|| Dancing/Singing/Letting loose when she's alone, or with someone she's good friends with || 
|| Long Skirts ||

|| Horses, they really scare her ||
|| Really tall people, they make her feel especially short ||
|| Horror movies </3 ||
|| Bad 3D animation ||
|| Waking up early ||
|| Overly dramatized romance movies ||
|| Tight ass clothes ||
|| Getting told what to do ||
|| Musicals, she thinks they're really weird. ||
|| Coffee and Tea ||

Sexual Preference: Homosexual

Tomoyo was born into a loving, yet kind of awkward family. She wasn't a very social child, and never really wanted to be social. Her mother had homeschooled her for her whole life, while her father worked overseas in America. As a part-time job, her mother would work at one of her friend's flower shop on the weekends for extra money for the two of them to spend on things they needed. Her mother would take Tomoyo with her when she worked, and when she did, she had to socialize with a girl named Kimiyakko. Bottom line, for a while Tomoyo found her to be very annoying and weird, constantly asking if they wanted to be friends. Though, over time, Tomoyo actually opened up to the fact that she could have a friend and became close with her Kimi-chan.

She was always very happy just living and staying home with her mother, and got immensely excited whenever her father came home for the holidays, or when he was off work for a week/took vacation days. One time her father came home he informed Tomoyo that he had actually been let go from his job. She was happy she got to spend more time with her dad, but a little stressed because she had no idea how the family could get money to pay for bills and things they would need in the future, since she was pretty sure that it was time-absorbing and would take a while, trying to look for a job. Her mother took full-time at her job, and Tomoyo wasn't able to be homeschooled anymore by her. The family all talked it over, and they decided that in a few months when Tomoyo would turn old enough to go to high-school, that she'd go to public school. She actually jumped around to a few different schools, before being officially dropped into whatever-the-hell-the-school-is-called during her second year. 


|| Socially Awkward/Uncomfortable/Awkward in general || - While being homeschooled and being a hermit when she was growing up added to it, at nature, Tomoyo is kind of just an awkward person. She isn't very good at the whole "socializing" thing, and she never was. She likes small talk, because it's easy for her to do.

|| Aloof || - Tomoyo can come off as a very distant and non-friendly being, and at heart, she kind of is <3 Though sometimes she purposely acts uninterested and cold towards people, it mostly means she doesn't feel like talking. In this, she avoids, or tries to avoid, people she dislikes or doesn't want to be around in that moment. 

|| Impulsive || - Tomoyo can at times act and say things without thinking about it beforehand, some things she regrets later on, and others she doesn't care about. She's already pretty blunt and speaks her mind on her opinions of people, things, and places. 

|| Hard-working || - When it comes to work and school, she becomes very diligent and determined to finish it, and works her best on the thing that occupies her time.

|| Stoic/Impassive || - She's very unemotional, at least on the surface. She is slightly annoyed by people who openly express their feelings, so she tries best to do the opposite, though it kind of backfires on her sometimes, and when it's important, she can't bring herself to explain things. The reason she decided to do this was because she had watched an anime where it seemed girls were constantly crying and she was like hell no. If she's hurt emotionally/mentally, she will never bring herself to openly express it.

|| Confident || - Tomoyo is very confident in everything about her.

|| Critical || - She slowly analizes those around her, and decides whether or not she likes a person. Though being blunt, she often doesn't express some negative feelings on others and will most likely just laugh about it later on. 

|| Internally very Quirky || - Tomoyo won't show this side to anyone really, besides her family and Kimiyakko. Naturally, she's a very quirky being, and always was while she was growing up. She's not really a usual girl, and she's kind of odd. She has many different habits and likes and beliefs that she hides down inside of herself. 

|| Childish || - She likes to live life without many worries, because she knows that she doesn't have much time left before she's going to have to upgrade to an adult. 

|| She speaks English just as well as Japanese, just like her parents. The whole family decided to learn because her father was going to work overseas. || 
|| She plays piano, and is currently trying to learn guitar. ||
|| Little sensitive when it comes to physical contact with others. ||
|| She gets annoyed very easily, but will never show that she's annoyed. ||
|| She tends to wear sunglasses when outside of school/when it's casual time. Even in doors, she thinks it looks kind of cool-- ||
|| Childhood friends with Tsutsumi Kimiyakko, loves her tons and would probably karate chop anyone who messes with her || 
|| Has naturally curly hair, but straightens it ||

Tomoyo ~ :iconshimmyshom:

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