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June 10, 2013
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KA App: Konoyo~ by Shimichanga KA App: Konoyo~ by Shimichanga
Updated: 10 / 12 / 14 OOPS GUESS WHO GOT A NOSE RING. Info revamp soon C: 

Name: Mizushima ( Water Island ), Konoyo ( This World ) 水島, この世

✦Age: 16 - 17 ;;

Date Of Birth: September 20 || 9/20

✦Year: Second year

✦Height/Weight: 5'5" / 168. cms || 134 lbs / 61 kgs

✦Club: Drama Club President / Volleyball - Student Co.


|| Loving / Compassionate || - If Konoyo loves anything, it is blatantly obvious. She's very open towards feeling compassion and care towards all living beings, and some inanimate objects and food. She can grow very concerned over anyone she meets, and honestly cares too much about anyone, even if she's just only met the person. She's also very open in showing that love, and is almost constantly hugging people, or showing love in other ways.

|| Weird / Random || -At times, Konoyo's very random and weird in expressing things that have happened to her, or things that she'd seen, or things that she'd like to do. Like, for instance, dress up in a bad batman cosplay and pretend to be batman. She's kind of childish. 

|| Social || - Konoyo finds joy out of conversing with people, including random strangers. She is very fond of getting to know a person and likes to make new friends and enjoys meeting new people in general. She's pretty dependent on people being social with her, and hanging out with her - but can still be quite an introvert if not regularly pulled back out into a social community, mostly due to the fact that she hasn't always been social, outgoing or extroverted. 

|| Oblivious || - Konoyo's not very talented in getting subtle hints or clues and is a bit dense at moments. She can easily get lost in conversations, and is very easily distracted by just about anything. She spaces out quite often, and that's probably what she's doing when not around company.

|| Positive / Optimistic || - She tends to think and speak more on the happy side of things, because she's ultimately afraid of the bad side. Though, even considering herself to be a positive person, she gets deeply affected by the more terrible things, and thinks those things out until it stresses her beyond belief. She tends to throw the bad things to the back of her mind and ignore them, instead of actually confronting them.

|| Hyper || - Konoyo's very energetic, and is probably always going to be loud and hyper, unless her mood is down, or someone tells her not to. When she gets excessively hyper, she'll usually start jumping up and down to focus that energy into something rather than just spewing out nonsense and hugging everyone around her.

|| Insecure || - For the most part, she's able to be quite confident in herself, but she gets kicked down too easily by her own negative thoughts.

|| Happy / Cheerful || - Relatively a happy being, Konoyo's able to pull out little pieces of happiness out of anything, simply seeing things or people she likes can brighten her day by ten times. And she likes to pass on that same cheerfulness onto others by almost always wearing a smile on her face and speaking in a positive way. 

|| Sensitive || - Konoyo's deeply affected by anything that anyone says and what she thinks, and it leads her to be quite sensitive.

|| Childish || - She has times where she'll act very mature and honestly thinks of herself as a kind of mature person on the inside, but for the most part she's. . . very, very childish. It's sometimes hard to believe she's the " Mommy-chan " of the famiry. c;

|| Over-Protective || - She's too protective of people that she's fond of, and may stand in the way of some people getting too close if one of those people happens to be someone she enjoys spending her time with. She'll often give evil glares and threaten people to stay away from that one person, then the next day act completely friendly to the person she'd stared at with narrowed eyes. If she knows someone who dislikes someone, she'll tend to dislike that person too, even if they've never done anything to her personally. And if she knows someone is being bullied or beat up or hurt by someone, she'll probably not be afraid to get " violent. " Unless, it's Saki beating the person up, she'd just watch and ask afterwards if the person is okay.;;


  • Elementary/Childhood
Konoyo's childhood was quite an uneventful one. She was brought up in a family where she'd had one older half-brother, with two awkward - yet loving - parents. They tended to shelter Konoyo for a long time, and she was actually homeschooled for the first eight years of her life. Due to her mother getting pregnant and giving birth to two younger sisters for her, her parents sent her to a public school because they felt they couldn't take care of two newborns and school their existing children. So she was submitted to an Elementary school, and as she was, she was very scared and was that one kid who had no friends and sat alone at lunch and breaks. Though, she was very introverted and shy as a child, and that made her ultimately okay with the fact that she had had no friends during her elementary period of school. She got along well with just having one neighborhood friend, who she'd decided was going to be her best friend when she was younger.
  • Middle School
As she entered junior high age, she decided that she'd try to be more casual and social with her classmates, yet it tended to be utterly awkward for her since it was so alien to her. Though, it kind of ended in disaster since she wasn't too good at it. Though, she was able to get along quite well with one girl in her class, and they stuck together quite well. Konoyo was a busy body at home and tried to help out as much with her younger sisters and housework, mostly because she was just always really bored. Her mother tried signing her up for different kinds of classes where she could learn different things, and tried out piano and guitar, though she kind of dropped both a long while after. During this time in her life, her parents had reached a very, very large rough patch in their marriage which lasted for forever, at least to Konoyo's eyes and ears. Always hearing them fighting, made her dread being at home, which led to her spending most of her time in small cafes and food joints that were close to her home where she could waste time without having to be at her house and it led her to dislike being at her home in general, even after her parents stopped acting so angry and rude with each other.
  • Break before joining Kodaiki Academy
She was kind of a slacker the break before entering her next school, and barely spent time at her house, spending time usually outdoors or in the quaint cafes she'd learned to love during the end of her junior high life. She'd found out about a private school that also had dorms where she could live, which was kind of her main reason for wanting to go to Kodaiki, and she'd found out that after applying, that she'd be accepted, which made her over-thrilled. She'd gotten the hang of socializing, since she wasn't hiding as much in her house, and was pretty excited to start a new chapter of her life at that hidden private school.

|| Coffee with milk and sugar || 
|| Milkshakes, specifically chocolate, though she'll honestly drink any milkshake. || 
|| Being called senpai. It makes her feel important and wise. || 
|| Talking and chatting with others. || 
|| Karaoke, singing, and being sang to. ||
|| DANCING- ||
|| The courtyard might possibly be her favorite spot in the whole world. ||

|| Breakfast food is her favorite kind of food. || 
|| Cats, especially the siamese, cyprus, british/american shorthair, and sphynx breeds || 
|| She has a soft spot for tigers and pandas <3 || 
|| Small, quaint cafes ||
|| The Famiry, and being apart of it as the Mommy-chan/Baby-chan c; ||

|| When people fight, especially physical fights, and arguments. || 
|| Math, though she kind of dislikes school in general. || 
|| Birds, one had scared her when she was younger. || 
|| Exercising. || 
|| Swimming, she just really dislikes being in water. || 
|| Studying. || 
|| Reading, it's hard for her to pay enough attention to it, and the words get mixed up for her sometimes. || 
|| Anything considered remotely "scary" ||
|| Crowded areas ||
|| She hates children. Surprise, surprise. || 
|| Cakes, pie, sweet pastries in general. ||
|| Rude and mean people gets along with Saki tho, because yes c: ||

✦Sexual Preference: Pansexual 

✦Relationships: <3

|| She has an allergy to blueberries. || 
|| She's not very athletic, and kind of hates doing things like that, which leads to P.E / Gym being her worst classes. || 
|| She has trouble keeping good grades, and usually gets A's, but then quickly drops down to C / D-'s. || 
|| Her parents had a pretty bad rough patch in their marriage when Konoyo was younger, and during that time she had kind of taken on a few fears for fighting, and yelling/loud noises like that. || 
|| She owns two cats who live back at home, an American shorthair named Sumi, and a Japanese bobtail named Aika. || 
|| Konoyo has a very big fear of the dark, though will act like she doesn't. || 
|| She has two younger half-sisters, and three half-brothers. Too much. || 
|| She finds it calming to listen to others sing. || 
|| She's very lazy almost all of the time. ||
|| If not brought out really often for socializing or if she doesn't push herself, she'll probably stay inside and be a hermit. ||
|| Enjoys listening to English songs. ||
|| Has a terrible batman "cosplay" ||

|| Though she acts like she loves everything, she doesn't really get along with any of her family members. She's never had a good relationship with her mother, though she gets along better with her sisters and her dad. || 
|| Konoyo shares a father with Katsu Ookami, but she's still very sensitive about the topic. ||
     ✦Dorm: G - 1 - 18 with Kumiko Sakuragi Locker: 67

✦RP Methods:
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      ✔ Lit ✔ Script ✔ LIT/SCRIPT FUSION 

Konoyo ~ :iconshimichanga:
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VivaFariy Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
I was wondering if you were participating in the Ski Resort thing, and if so, would you mind if Sonomi was roommates with your OC?
Shimichanga Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
Oh, yeah I am participating in that! And I'd love for them to be roommates <33 Wanna RP it out? :icondokis-plz:
VivaFariy Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
Awesome! Sure! Do you want to do it here? 
This is what I have of my story so far. 
Here I am at the Ski Resort. My dearest mother wanted me to go, since she paid so much for me to enjoy my education. I told her I enjoyed it enough, but she insisted.
She also insisted on the piles of sweaters and scarves. I insisted on only one thing - to be able to bring my laptop and a special cold-sensitive case for it.

I spent the whole way there working, obviously. While feeling a little nauseous. Occasionally I spoke to people. I don't even know who anymore. Does it matter?

Maybe, just maybe, I'll listen to my mother. Maybe, just maybe, I'll stop working and I'll socialize with some hot chocolate or pastries. And maybe, just maybe, I'll go skiing with people.

What was I getting myself into?

My tutor was on vacation anyway, so I'd just be reading textbooks by myself, watching videos, and starting projects or reports. I could still do that. Useful stuff.

My mom thought it was a waste to get my own room, especially since she wanted me to socialize. I picked up my computer bag and my roller-suitcase, both blue, and walked off the bus. I searched for the stand where they gave out the room numbers. After heading over there, I got room 27. Second floor, here we come.

"Please, don't let that noisy room be mine," I prayed as I opened the door. It was. Two other people were already playing around in my...our room. I stalked over to the empty bed and dumped my stuff down. Small room. Lots of noise. Oy. 
Shimichanga Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
I'd feel more comfortable over notes tbh, if you don't mind aha. 
Oooh, wow, that sounds pretty good so far, your writing skills are so good umf :iconhnnghplz: 
VivaFariy Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
Okay, awesome. I'll note you.

Really? Thank you! That means a lot. 
Shimichanga Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014
Of course! <3
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